Being Egalitarian

Dear feminazis, He is a guy. Why is he expected to stand still even when he is in the eye of the storm. He has emotions as well. How is he supposed to know about the whimsical mood swings or the period pain? Aren't his own troubles enough for him to deal with. His troubles... Continue Reading →


Our Favorite Coffee

It was just yesterday when I was missing you, and went to your our favorite coffee shop. There entered a gorgeous girl holding one of my favorite books in her hands. The sight of that book illuminated my face (only because I had once suggested you to read that). My eyes welcomed her to accompany me for... Continue Reading →

People Tell Stories Tell People

Life is a series of ironies. I didn’t realize it until I met her, until I got to know her, until I heard her stories.  I can now relate to what Chinua Achebe has aptly said, “People tell stories tell people”. I couldn’t have believed it if it wasn’t for her. It’s her stories that... Continue Reading →


On a still night, Under the shimmering stars She walked with her muted anklet Singing of war. "Oh Come, oh come! Hear my heart. I have a story to tell. A story of hypocrisy. Where people talked of peace With a mind full of wrath. Talked of love With hatred in their hearts. It's a... Continue Reading →

To the Dying Star

Every time I used to see a shooting star, my words would be "You know what i want universe, you know it better than I do. Just grant me that." But today, walking under the moonlit sky and the shimmering stars, I realized that my existence is a little too finite for this infinite universe... Continue Reading →

Underneath the Masks

"Why does it take so much energy for you to smile?" 'I'll tell you why. The world works on the principal of balance. For good there’s evil, for white there’s black, for lucky there’s unlucky and for happy there’s sad. It’s just the binary system we all taking care of. Happiness is wanted by all... Continue Reading →

Being a Traveler

The idea of sitting in a classroom and daydreaming seems surreal to me. Why does one need to tire his eyes in the imagery of a dream that one can actually live. Confinement can never help a person grow. The more you step out the more you explore. A dream is as real as an... Continue Reading →

Just Listen

Listen to what these walls speak They were given ears For a cause free If needs be, they tell stories Too ruthless for heart to believe, Too violent for eyes to see Too chaotic for mind to bear. Keep quiet in front of the winds, In a fit of boredom They gossip with trees. As... Continue Reading →

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