I am a Writer

I am a writer, you know. My job is to write. I will antagonize you or make you my hero as per my will. My stories are not always circumstantial. I create things. I exaggerate the beauty of what I love. I act ignorantly if I want to hide something. You’ll only see things that I want you to see. You’ll only see things how I want you to see.
I’ll question God and His existence and you, you my logical friend, will take it for blasphemy. I’ll build castles without even touching a brick, I’ll create catastrophe in the brightest of days, I’ll make animals speak, I’ll make the blind to explain the beauty of night, I’ll tell the life story of a stillborn baby, only if I wish. I’ll make the world go upside down. I hold the power to control your mind and emotions beyond your awareness.

I will write without caring for the audience. I will write about love, I will write about sex, I will write about periods, I will write about masturbation. I will write about the beauty of the homosexual affairs, I will write about the pros of bisexuality. I will write in favor of the eunuchs. I will write about the tabooed things. I will allow my pen to break the silence of the society. I will touch the decent and non-decent issues. I will write in a controversial manner. I will write things that will make you to raise your eyebrows, or maybe cringe with disgust.

You may or may not see me talking much. I don’t get comfortable with people very often. That does not mean I lack confidence that does not mean I have got nothing to say. I crave for intellectual conversations. I can talk for hours with someone who feeds my brain, or nourishes my soul.
I like looking at natural things. I like the Sun, the Moon, the Stars, the Mountains, the Sky, the Oceans or whatever, whatever that makes me feel that my problems are not as grand as I think of them. I use all my senses before I write something. I see things happening before explaining its beauty, I feel the air before saying it’s swift, I smell the flowers before calling them sweet, I taste bitter things before calling them delicious, I hear the voices of universe before creating a cosmic scene.

Write. That’s what I, and people like me do. We don’t think before we write, we feel before we write. I am a writer, my friend. That’s what I am.




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