Being a Traveler

The idea of sitting in a classroom and daydreaming seems surreal to me. Why does one need to tire his eyes in the imagery of a dream that one can actually live. Confinement can never help a person grow. The more you step out the more you explore. A dream is as real as an ambition is. Turning the dream into an ambition is what people are afraid of. One such dream that can be materialized is ‘Travelling’. Travelers don’t just explore the world. They explore themselves and always try to go beyond the realms that their horizons provide. The mundane life in which people work for 8 to 10 hours a day and still feel dejected is what scares me and is the reason why travelling inspires me. It may not fulfill my desire for worldly pleasures, but surely nourishes my soul. It takes my heart on a roller coaster ride. It is the best kind of adventure one can have. Being born and brought up in a country of such rich cultural heritage as ours expands the limits of one’s own curiosity. The prejudices that we hold towards people of a different community can only get abolished once we step out and actually become one with that community. Travelling makes our thinking liberal. It fulfills the purpose of living an extraordinary life. It guarantees that 30 years from now I will not be an old person sitting with remorse and regret thinking that “Oh, I could have done better”

In the continuous hustle called life, you tend to overlook what you are born for. The norms and expectations of society keep you from accomplishing your task in life. The chaos of routine does not give you a single minute of solitude and travelling is about nothing but solitude. Travelling gives you exposure to an infinite universe which will make you realize that you are just a finite being and all your problems are as little in the eyes of the world as you are to the mountains or oceans. It’s a huge risk but what is not? Are you sure that nothing can happen to you if you lock yourself up in a chamber with all the facilities?

I, being a traveler, know the struggle and consequences that people like me have to face. Trust me, this life I seek, is worth more than a hundred taunts that people inflict upon me. The world may be huge to all but for me, it is small and it doesn’t need a superhuman to conquer it.




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