Underneath the Masks

“Why does it take so much energy for you to smile?”

‘I’ll tell you why. The world works on the principal of balance. For good there’s evil, for white there’s black, for lucky there’s unlucky and for happy there’s sad. It’s just the binary system we all taking care of. Happiness is wanted by all but received by some. It’s not rocket science and we too know that. But do you see us blaming the situations for the things that make us sad? No. We accept our sadness. It has become a part of our being.

Not all of us are ‘happy-go-lucky’ type of people. It is not that we are pessimistic or depressed. It’s just that we simply cannot smile for 24 hours a day. For the comfort of people like you we smile as much as possible. We go on trips, we party, we hang around with people and do all the things with a smile on our face. Yet, at the end of the day, the realization of the fact that we are alone is what makes us sad.

We don’t want to bother the ‘happy people’ with our perpetual sadness. We often isolate ourselves because of that. But you never understand. I don’t blame you. Nor do I envy your lifestyle. People like you are the reason why people like me smile easily when you’re around.

Maybe the mistake is ours. We bound our happiness with your temporary existence. We should understand that just like everything and everyone, you too are going to leave someday. The sooner the better, I say. The longer you stay, the more memories we create, the more you become the definition of my happiness.

Well, I guess now you’ll understand. Just like a ‘happy person’ has his low phases, a ‘sad person’ has his high phases as well. Nobody is truly happy or truly sad. It’s just the mask we are all comfortable in. Maybe you don’t like the one I wear, or I don’t like the one you wear. But who are we to judge?

Let’s just agree to disagree.’


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