Love’s a Ferris Wheel

As a child I always felt fascinated by the idea of Ferris wheel. While going to amusement parks I always, always wanted to see the world from the top. I used to see people getting excited about the idea of it, and how, after their ride they used to feel dizzy and often times they... Continue Reading →

Chaircar to Amritsar- A Travelogue

Day 2, Part 1 The day we decided to visit Jallianwala Bagh. A garden that lives forever in the history of India. Being aware of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, it wasn't easy for me to look at it without thinking about what all had happened there on 13th of April, 1919.  Wherein troops of the British... Continue Reading →

My Androgyny

You say, “Sit like a girl” Why not just say sit, instead? You say, “The way you walk is a little masculine” But I am sorry, I don’t seem to remember when did I ask YOU to define my femininity? Wear that little black dress, it makes you look pretty. What if I don’t want... Continue Reading →

Being Egalitarian

Dear feminazis, He is a guy. Why is he expected to stand still even when he is in the eye of the storm. He has emotions as well. How is he supposed to know about the whimsical mood swings or the period pain? Aren't his own troubles enough for him to deal with. His troubles... Continue Reading →

Our Favorite Coffee

It was just yesterday when I was missing you, and went to your our favorite coffee shop. There entered a gorgeous girl holding one of my favorite books in her hands. The sight of that book illuminated my face (only because I had once suggested you to read that). My eyes welcomed her to accompany me for... Continue Reading →

People Tell Stories Tell People

Life is a series of ironies. I didn’t realize it until I met her, until I got to know her, until I heard her stories.  I can now relate to what Chinua Achebe has aptly said, “People tell stories tell people”. I couldn’t have believed it if it wasn’t for her. It’s her stories that... Continue Reading →

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